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Gifts that pay you back

Transfer securities, cash, or other property to Maranatha Volunteers International and we’ll manage the investment of the assets and pay an income to you, your designated beneficiaries, or both. Receive payments for the rest of your life or, in some cases, up to a certain number of years.

Explore income gift options

Learn about gift types that enable you to impact our organization while supporting yourself or loved ones for years to come.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Experience the best of both worlds: support our cause while receiving fixed payments for life with a Charitable Gift Annuity.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts

Tailor income streams, diversify assets, and leave a lasting legacy through the flexibility of a Charitable Remainder Trust.

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Planned Giving Helps Build our Mission

Maranatha Volunteers International invites you to plan for your future while making a lasting effect on a mission that you care about. Planned giving gifts are essential to our ability to continue building churches and schools and drilling water wells. These gifts provide long-term support ensuring that we can continue this important ministry.

Andy and Bunny Peterson’s Story

Andy Peterson began volunteering with Maranatha in the 1960’s, and it quickly became one of his most consuming interests.

“When Andy and I got together, one of the first questions he asked me was if I liked to travel,” says Andy’s wife, Evelyn (Bunny) Peterson. “I asked him later what would have happened if I said no. He said, ‘Well that would’ve been the end of that!’ He was looking for someone who would travel and do Maranatha projects with him.”

The two have traveled steadily ever since their first project to Indonesia together in 1998. From Norway to Dominica, Andy and Bunny have had lots of fun serving with Maranatha.

“It’s really a blessing,” says Andy. “I still enjoy working for the Lord. I guess I will be doing it until I sleep. We are doing more projects here in the United States now. But our last project was in Panama. And we have another one coming up,” says Andy.

Besides lending their hands to the good work, Andy and Bunny also made the decision to support Maranatha’s work financially. They owned a home that was being rented out. When the tenant moved, it was the perfect time to make a change.

The Petersons worked with Maranatha’s planned giving specialist to donate their rental property by creating a Charitable Remainder Trust. The property was transferred to Maranatha, but Andy and Bunny continue to receive a monthly check. “It’s even more than the rent check was,” says Andy. “And with a rental you have taxes, the insurance, etc. This is a big boost [in income.] Plus you don’t have to worry about the check coming in. I’d say for retirement, that’s a wonderful plan.”

“We have it direct deposited into our account at the bank, and it always comes when it’s supposed to,” agrees Bunny.

The couple will continue to receive a monthly check for the rest of their lives, and the trust ensures that their property donation is an incredible donation to Maranatha too.

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