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Tax-smart gifts

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Learn about gifts that maximize the impact of your support while providing tax benefits for you!

Popular tax-smart gifts

Many people are increasingly choosing to give non-cash assets, so they can have a bigger impact at less cost to them.

Planned Giving Helps Build our Mission

Maranatha Volunteers International invites you to plan for your future while making a lasting effect on a mission that you care about. Planned giving gifts are essential to our ability to continue building churches and schools and drilling water wells. These gifts provide long-term support ensuring that we can continue this important ministry.

David Feltman’s Story

When David discovered Maranatha’s One-Day Church program, it became his passion and life mission. He loved the concept of a structure that could be hauled to any part of the world, set up in a day, and expanded by local people if desired; anything that gave a greater number of people the opportunity to get to know Christ suited him. He was soon going on a mission trip every month.

In 2008, David noticed his abdomen felt abnormally large and heavy. He asked his doctor for a scan but was told to go on a diet and exercise more, which he did. Six months later, doctors discovered and removed a basketball-sized tumor and extra fluid in his abdomen, a total of 25 pounds. His health improved and he went on several more mission trips over the following years, but in 2015, David’s cancer returned. This time nothing worked, and he got progressively weaker.

In 2017, David passed away. He left his home and most of his retirement to Maranatha for the construction of One-Day Churches in Africa. To date, David’s generosity has sponsored more than 300 One-Day Churches in four countries.

David’s legacy has potentially impacted up to 28,000 people who now have a place to worship or will meet Jesus in a church he funded. “He said he wanted to live a lot longer because he wanted to keep helping people,” David’s brother Don says. “The truth is that he did continue helping people, even after he was gone.”

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